Astrology_with_Anjali supports vulnerable girls in India

My Patreon recently donated money to Gita’s Fundraiser for Vulnerable Girls in India, which means pledges from my patrons helped girls rescued from sex trafficking in Kolkata receive hot water this winter and Gita Kali Natarajan, a Pujari (Hindu priest) and yoga teacher, keep her pledge.

Gita works through nonprofit Village Cooperative Inc. conducting in-person yoga programs for two rescue homes in Kolkata. Yoga is a way for these girls to connect with their bodies and find peace while bringing balance to their minds, bodies and spirits. Therapy isn’t very accessible so yoga has been the next best thing. She has helped them with education and skills to become self-sufficient and the program has expanded into after care centers for kids in red light districts.

She also conducts Kirtans, devotional song gatherings, to help raise money but covid has derailed her plans. An online fundraiser is now being held to help raise funds to get hot water as it’s very cold this time of year in Kolkata.

These girls grow into amazing and strong women, coming out of their shells to live their lives. Learn more about Village Cooperative, a charitable organization dedicated to the creation and support of income-generating projects for the developing world.

You can also watch my conversation with Gita on my Youtube channel. Please visit my Patreon if you’re interested in becoming a patron to support this project and also receive astrology articles at Astrology_with_Anjali.

Thank you for your support!