Zodiac Sign Meditations


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Learn the energy of all twelve signs in the zodiac, from Aries to Pisces, through Poetic Meditations. Each sign meditation includes a list of its’ archetypes, evolutionary goals and traits. You can focus on each one during a new moon or full moon in the relevant sign.

Sample Excerpts:

Libra Meditation

I sometimes fall off my balance and

grab at others to help me up,

tripping and stumbling as

I search for equal ground.

To be honest, it feels like tornadoes are whirling within me and

I’m ravaged by the winds and can’t find grace.

I can’t feel mercy.

But someone finally comes along my path and

shares a dance with me,

a beautiful piece of art that helps me

harness the winds and flutter in light….

Cancer Meditation

I am water

not like the deep ocean or a glacier but

a stream,

A river of eternal needs,

flowing emotions

overflowing onto the riverbanks….

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