Anjali Soi

ASoiAnjali believes in understanding people and situations holistically and brings valuable life lessons in balance and harmony to her work as an astrologer and mediator. She provides relationship, life path and Soul guidance as a counseling astrologer and also uses astrology to resolve disputes with those who request it. She looks at the astrological natures of everyone involved in a conflict to understand their unique approaches to various aspects of life and others, which helps her become better prepared to ensure that the peace process and final resolution is sensitive to everyone’s needs and values. 

She is a certified business/employment, elder care and divorce mediator, and enjoys providing tutoring online for the SAT and GMAT exams, school 3-12 math and special ed. Dance has also been her lifelong passion and is ultimately what she uses to process life and learn deeper levels of harmony. She enjoys creating and performing with local artists and together they have created highly appreciated events in the Pittsburgh community. 

“The dynamics and movements in dance create harmonies, or agreements in mediation, that decrease tension and produce tranquility. As the dance unfolds, increasing levels of balance with opportunities for expression and authenticity are achieved.”


  • J.D. (Law) – University of Pittsburgh School of Law
  • M.S. Higher Education, Integrative Studies – Capella University
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, Info Science Tech Minor (Math) – Pennsylvania State University


  • Elder Mediation – Montgomery County Mediation Center
  • Business and Employment Mediation – Mediation Matters, New Kensington, MD
  • Divorce and Family Mediation – Association for Conflict Resolution, Lynn Macbeth
  • Advanced Mediation – Center for Dispute Resolution, Ken Cloke
  • Basic Crisis Response – Keystone Crisis Intervention Team
  • Women in Leadership Fellow – CORO Pittsburgh
  • Coaching for High Performance – Capella University
  • Energy of Conflict (scholarship) – Harvard Program on Negotiation
  • Beyond Yes Dialogue Series – Harvard Program on Negotiation
  • Transformative Mediation and Conflict Resolution – Pittsburgh Mediation Center
  • Juvenile Delinquency – Westmoreland County Community College

Recent Presentations and Publications: Many Voices, One Story: Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference, PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence Conference 2018, Tapping into the Libra Polarity: OPA Career Astrologer Magazine Mar 2018, Jupiter in Scorpio: Bodhi Tree Magazine Oct 2017, Pluto in Evolutionary Astrology: Site Nite Pgh, East Suburban Spiritual Connection, Pittsburgh Metaphysics Meetup Group 2017