Test Prep Tutoring Online

Private or small group SAT exam tutoring for high school students online via video conferencing (allows you to write on and share screens). Tutoring covers all sections of the test including Reading, Writing and Math (instruction in only one subject area also available). Also contact me for SAT Math subject tests, tutoring for school level math and reading/writing, special ed tutoring and GMAT. 12 hour and 6 hour packages available.

I have developed my own skilled approach to teaching from years of tutoring experience (since 2009 and online since 2017) and my background in Electrical Engineering (BS), Law (JD) and Higher Education in Integrative Studies (MS). My instruction addresses your unique educational needs and goals. I believe in understanding students holistically, value unique ways of learning and combine the student’s learning style with my knowledge and teaching approach to build solid competency and understanding.

If you need my brochure for your school or organization, you can download the following attachment:

Important Information for Students and Parents/Guardians:

  • All SAT Tutoring is done via online video conferencing (allows you to write on and share screens). I am flexible to tutor after 3pm on weekdays and mornings/afternoons on weekends.
  • Please contact me at least ten weeks before the test you are planning to take so that the process is not rushed. It’s actually best to start several months to a year and a half before so that you are thoroughly prepared and have extra time to practice if you decide to take the test again.
  • Homework is assigned at each session and is expected to be finished before the next session because the homework is an integral and essential part of the learning process. It may take anywhere between one to three hours between sessions.
  • You must sign up for a minimum of twelve hours of tutoring for all sections of the test. Twelve hours is what I have found to be a sufficient amount of time to make solid improvements on all sections of the test (with homework completed). A minimum of six hours is needed for tutoring in only one subject area. If you need more tutoring, you can tutor by the hour until you are comfortable with the material and do not need to buy an additional package.
  • A one page contract must be signed by everyone before we begin so that expectations around the process are clear.

For inquiries:

You can also contact me at asoitutoring@gmail.com or call 412-897-0809 (no texts please)


12 hour package for all sections of the SAT: $990

6 hour package for one subject area: $495

School math, reading and writing for grades 3-12: $30/hr

Payment in full is due before the first session. No exceptions apply.


“I studied with Anjali when I needed to get my SAT scores up. As long as you are willing to put in the work at the sessions, she really can help you grasp and understand the concepts of any subject. I was able to get all three of my scores up and get into the school that I wanted. I couldn’t have been more pleased of my time with her!” – Steve S.

“Working with Anjali was such a great experience! She tutored me for the SAT math section and the SAT II Math level 2 subject test. After several sessions, I was able to increase my SAT math score to 700 and earn an 800 on the Math II SAT subject test. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Anjali, as my test scores will be a huge benefit on my college applications this year!” – Paige H.

“Getting 1-on-1 tutoring with Anjali was the best decision I made regarding my SATs! She really helped me focus on my weak spots and strengthen them with pro tips and methods to make test taking much easier. Math was my weakest subject and Anjali took the time to sit down with me and go over almost every math problem I was having trouble with. Even with the ones I could solve by myself, she told me other ways to solve it so it could possibly save time, and I would make less careless mistakes. My SAT score improved only because of her. I am so grateful to have worked with her! – Ritika N.

“I studied with Anjali for several weeks in order to improve my SAT score. Before I contacted Anjali, I had taken the SATs once and was displeased with my score. After her great tutoring I was able to improve my score by several hundred points which allowed me to get accepted to some of my top choice schools. She not only makes sure that you understand the material completely but also provides some tips to get around the funky questions that are there to trick you. She also understands peoples strengths and weaknesses. For example, I scored significantly higher on the math portion of the test compared to the other two. Due to this, we spent more time on the writing and reading and less time on the math because that was what I needed the most help with. She will challenge you and she will expect that you pay full attention during the meetings, however it truly is worth it in the end.” – Devon C.

“Anjali Soi tutored me for about four months and my SAT scores due to her tutoring improved drastically. With Anjali’s help, I felt more prepared than I ever was for the SAT test. It truly shows because my overall SAT scores improved by over 200 points. The work Anjali provides is no walk in the park. She will challenge you and expect you to perform at your very best at all times. However, the work is worth the reward. Anjali covers all topics that appear on the SAT which I felt gave me a better understanding of the test and made me more confident when taking it. Anjali was one of the most helpful tutors I have had yet and if you are looking to significantly increase your SAT scores, Anjali would be the person you’re looking for.” – Joey F.