Anjali’s hope is to empower and support you on your path to finding answers and healing. She views the natal chart as a unique expression of your Soul and her desire is to help you grasp your latent potentials and find meaning and perspective of the events and experiences in your life. She will address your concerns and questions by expanding on the dynamics and timelines contained in your chart and guiding you through any issues or additional questions you may have.  

To schedule a consultation, all clients must pre-pay in full using the Paypal Check out button under the desired Reading. There is a guest checkout option for non-Paypal users (‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’ option under Log In). If you would like multiple readings, purchase each one separately. Payment and birth data must be sent at least one week before your desired consult date. I spend at least an hour looking at your chart and need to schedule you in so I appreciate your advanced requests. Please email your birth date, location and time to along with the desired dates and times for a consultation (no texts). The time of birth is preferred in order to study your natal chart; however, the EA method still works with no birth time. You can try ordering a copy of your birth certificate with time on it from the state of birth.

Consults are only through phone or Skype at this time.

All consults are completely confidential and this promise will not be violated under any circumstance.

You can take notes during the consult but please indicate in your email if you would like a recording instead. Also email requests for gift certificates or topics you’d like insight into not listed under the Readings below.

Please note: Anjali is not a fortuneteller and cannot predict every detail of your life with total accuracy and neither is that her aim. Her focus is on working with the client on dynamics and issues. Every client must fill out a form in the beginning so that what will be worked on is clear and understood. Please do not deliberately hide certain details or refuse to cooperate. Thank you.

Astro Readings

Soul/Life Personality ($150/1 hour): Learn about your Soul karma, life potential, personal archetypes and unique gifts and challenges. We will also identify upcoming transits and timelines to address important concerns.

Annual Transits ($83/1 hour): Understand how transits in the coming year will affect you. Get this special update on your birthday or when you feel a shift at any point during the year. You must have a Soul/Life personality reading before getting an Annual Transit update. Receive $15 off your first update!

Work, Family & Home ($260/1 hour 15 min): Discuss your marriage or relationship, career, creative path and home life. For any concerns around children, add $75 for each child and please provide their birthdata.

Career, Creativity and Finance ($129/1 hour): Are you struggling with making a career change and/or confused about what creative path to follow? Understand how to best manifest your potential, passions and true happiness. Also address concerns around money, financial security, buying or selling a home or business, etc. 

One-on-One Coaching ($75/1 hour session): Sometimes issues come up during a consult that could use more attention and one-on-one coaching is the perfect way to work through them.

Birth Chart for Newborn ($115/1 hour): Learn about your little One’s Soul nature and potential (similar to Soul/Life Personality).

Focus on Relationships

Relationship Advice ($85/1 hour): Receive guidance on a relationship you are struggling with or an interpersonal situation embedded with conflict. Your relationship karma and the ‘why’ of your troubles is covered as well as how you should relate with others in a way that fulfills your essential needs.

Composite Relationship/Synastry ($250/1 hour 15 min): Understand the evolutionary intentions of your current relationship and how to grow past existing confrontations or generally support each other. Either the individual (with the other person’s consent) or both persons can be present for this consultation. Appropriate for couples, business partners, parents and children, relatives, siblings, friends, neighbors etc.

Relationship Coaching ($90/1 hour session): Issues discussed during the Composite reading can be dealt with through conflict coaching. I coach you the relationship as we work through issues that need attention.

Learn Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology Beginner Course ($379/8 hours): If you would like to learn the evolutionary astrology method, I offer private beginner level classes via Skype. You can learn at your own pace and ask me questions anytime. Lessons cover the meaning of the houses of the chart, signs of the zodiac, nodes of the moon and the meaning of the placement of Pluto through each house and sign of the birth chart. Classes also come with handouts. Contact me for more information.

About EA

Evolutionary Astrology (EA) focuses on the placement of Pluto and the nodes of the moon in the chart, which show the nature of one’s unconscious Soul desires, Soul history and the evolutionary intentions that must be evolved. The beauty of EA is that it is not prediction based but instead aims to understand the psychological and behavioral patterns as well as the archetypes in the psyche. I also use Hellenistic (Greco-Roman) astrology as a predictive method to understand what points in time are the most beneficial and fortunate.  

I learned EA through extensive self study ever since I first studied from Boulder-based Melody Scott Lindell in 2005, who learned directly from Jeffrey Wolf Green, the founder of the evolutionary astrology paradigm. I never get bored of continuing and deepening my learning and have also been greatly influenced by the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz and A Course in Miracles (ACIM). I have a strong Libran emphasis in my chart and have always been drawn to understanding the dynamics that bring peace and harmony to conflicts in relationships and difficult situations.


“I recently had a one on one class with Anjali. I attended the class via skype which was very convenient for me, and she was very flexible with my schedule. I have always been interested in Astrology and followed my sun sign and horoscope, but when I was introduced to my birth chart I felt so lost. I had no idea how to even begin to read it. Anjali walked me through how to read my chart and explained in detail all the aspects of the chart; the signs, planets, houses in such a way that made it so much easier to digest and understand.  She is a wonderful, patient teacher who truly has a passion for the stars and her work.  I look forward to continue to learn more from her and highly recommend taking a one on one class.” – Michele B.

“Anjali was a speaker at the Lighthouse Spiritual Group, which I am the organizer of. Her lecture was extremely informational, professional, & enlightening! She is able to explain herself & astrology extremely well. Looking forward to working with Anjali in the future!” – Kitsy H.

[The class] was an insightful and interesting experience for me. I learned so much about astrology and myself. I am looking forward to scheduling a private reading to expand on the specifics in my chart. Anjali is an excellent instructor and very insightful. Highly recommend! – Bronwynne B.

“Anjali is a very insightful, spiritual, and professional person capable of blending all her gifts into successful life coaching. I strongly recommend her.” – Christine F.

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