I provide evolutionary astrology readings and strive to empower you to make the best decisions in whatever area of life you are seeking advice. Consultations are done over the phone or via Skype. For a list of Readings, please scroll down! Thank you!

Don’t miss my Pluto through the Houses Webinar Course beginning August 12th! If you would like to register, please contact Anjali at or 412-897-0809.


This course is for:
• Beginner level astrology students seeking to understand the fundamentals of evolutionary astrology
• Anyone who wants to learn how to analyze the chart according to the evolutionary paradigm
• Healers of all kinds who want to use astrology for healing and spiritual purposes in their practice

This course is possible for you even if you do not understand other basics of astrology such as the planets and aspects.

Understanding the chart and the Placement of Pluto is the first important step in Evolutionary Astrology, a paradigm that focuses on a Soul’s Evolutionary Process. This course will help you understand the essence of Pluto, the core principle and element of evolutionary astrology, and the energies of the zodiac signs. It will also give you a foundation from which to build future interpretations of charts.

What you will learn:
• The meaning of the twelve houses of the chart
• Definitions of the zodiac signs associated with each house
• The significance of Pluto in each house

$215 early bird by July 22nd, $240 by Aug 11

As a student, you will receive video class recordings of each of the 8 webinars (1 hour in length).

Webinar details will be sent after registration is completed.


Please email me your birthdata including birth date, birth location and time of birth to after your payment is sent. We will then set up a date and time to talk. All consultations are done via phone or Skype. If you would like multiple readings, please purchase each one separately. I prefer that you take notes during the consult, but if you would like it to be recorded instead, please let me know when you email me. All consults are completely confidential.

Please note: I prefer to have the time of birth to study your natal chart; however, I am still able to work with you if you do not know it. You can try ordering a copy of your birth certificate with birth time on it from the state of your birth.

Soul/Life Personality ($150/1 hour): This Reading focuses on your unique life lessons, karma and life potential. The nature of healing in relation to any wounds or traumas you have experienced can also be discussed. This reading is perfect for making key changes in your life and doing transformational work. Important transits are identified to help you create a timeline with which to carry out any goals you have.
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Annual Guidance ($93/1 hour): Focus on how important transits in the year ahead will personally affect you. Any topics or situations can be discussed. Your birthday is a perfect time to get this reading and it is also a great update any time of the year. 
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Short Reading ($47/30 min): This shorter reading is perfect for getting quick advice and clarity on a current issue or situation.  
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Career &/or Finances ($125/1 hour): Are you struggling with making a career change or confused about what path you should follow? Understand how to best manifest your life potential and true happiness. Concerns around money, financial security, buying or selling a home or business, etc. can also be addressed. 
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Birth Chart for Newborn ($100/1 hour): Learn about your little One’s Soul nature and life potential (similar to Soul/Life Personality reading)
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Relationship Advice ($93/1 hour): This reading provides one-on-one guidance on a relationship you are struggling with or an interpersonal situation that is embedded with conflict. Your relationship karma and the ‘why’ of your troubles is covered as well as general advice on how to relate with and approach others in a manner that fulfills your essential needs and happiness.
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One-on-One Coaching ($75/1 hour session): Do you need personal coaching after receiving an astrology consult? Sometimes there are certain issues discussed that need more attention and one-on-one coaching is the perfect way to work through these issues.

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Synastry/Composite Relationship ($200/1 hour 15 min): This reading helps you understand the evolutionary intentions of a current relationship. I provide guidance on how a relationship can move past existing confrontations or disagreements to grow and evolve. Either the individual or both persons in the relationship can be present for this consultation. Appropriate for many types of relationships including couples, business partners, parent-child, siblings, friends, etc.
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Relationship Coaching ($95/1 hour session): Issues discussed during the composite relationship reading can be dealt with through coaching. I coach you, the couple, as we work through relationship issues that need attention.

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Evolutionary Astrology (EA) is a method that focuses heavily on the placement of Pluto in the astrology chart. The beauty of EA is that it is not prediction based but instead helps an individual understand what his/her true Soul desires are. It aims to understand what karma and emotional/psychological patterns the individual comes into life with and what aspects of the self the Soul now desires to evolve. I learned EA through extensive self study ever since I first studied from Boulder-based Melody Scott Zindell, who learned directly from Jeffrey Wolf Green, the founder of the evolutionary astrology paradigm. I never get bored of continuing and deepening my learning and have been greatly influenced by Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual teachings, Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements and A Course in Miracles (ACIM). I have a strong Libran emphasis in my chart and am naturally drawn to understanding relationships, harmony and peace. I feel that I bring valuable lessons in balance and harmony to my work as a mediator and astrologer.